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Arise My Love (1940)

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Cary Grant in a formal summer look: light coloured double breasted suit, shirt, tie and a pocket square. Light socks and co-respondent Oxford laced shoes.

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Oh my goodness. I have found the most perfect blog.

Oh yeah? Can I get the link to it?

Oh, wait… do you mean… mine?… ?

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I just ordered this on dvd…

Mister Drake’s Duck (1951): 42 year old Douglas Fairbanks Jr. plays a duck farmer in Sussex who discovers that one of his ducks can lay uranium eggs. Hilarity ensues. (And possibly some radiation poisoning.)

No, I’m not going to include the link, because I just KNOW you will all rush to buy it at the same time and you’ll crash the website.


(Srsly tho. I buy and watch this stuff so that you never have to.)

Last night I dreamt that Ronnie Colman was still alive and he was a guest on The Graham Norton show. Which I of course watched in HD on a giant TV. His moustache was thicker than usual, but during the interview the heat of the lights made his moustache fall off to reveal a pencil-thin moustache underneath.


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Brigitte Helm in  Metropolis  (Fritz Lang, 1927)
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Brigitte Helm in  Metropolis  (Fritz Lang, 1927)

via p-a-r-a-f-f-i-n-pixxie

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Carole Lombard, 1935 
Carole Lombard, 1935 

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Ronald Colman, 1935

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

State Secret (1950)

Cary Grant and Randolph Scott in My Favorite Wife (1940)

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